Over our years of experience, we found the best professionals that specialize in antique repair and restoration. Our goal is to restore your antique furniture to its authentic state, thus increasing its value. Our crew members will perform a wide array of services including:

  • Chair repair and re-gluing
  • Spindle and stretcher replacement
  • Veneer re-gluing and replacement
  • Cracks and splits filled with wood shims
  • Repairs to chewed furniture
  • Fabrication of missing parts
  • Inlay and carving repair
  • Case furniture repair
  • Drawer runner repair
  • Repairing broken table legs
  • Cleaning and basic polishing
  • Touch up and blending in repairs
  • Removing wax build up
  • Waxing table tops
  • Stain and water mark removal
  • Scratches and gouges touched up
  • Reconditioning existing finishes
  • Period and hand rubbed finishes
  • French polishing
  • Refinishing (as needed)
  • Oil and varnish finishes
  • Lacquer finishes
  • Shellac and wax finishes
  • Painted finishes
  • Exterior door refinishing
  • “Antiquing” new woven seats
  • Staining and color matching
  • Cane seat replacement
  • Rush seat replacement
  • Desk leather replacement
  • Felt replacement
  • glass and mirror replacement

We also provide rug and carpet cleaning and repair. We will pick your rug or carpet up, clean or repair and then deliver your rug back, in the best possible condition. Spot cleaning or small repair can be on side within your apartment or house.
To ensure authenticity of your antique, our specialists utilize a mix of original manufacturing and “old-world” techniques. They can use aged wood, several finishing options: oil, wax, shellac, lacquer, and French polishing.

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